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Beginning this Friday  1/18/19 at 9:00pm

  Travelers coming in from the South on 59/20. There is work that will take place ahead of the CBD Closure on the Bridge that takes you from 59/20WB to Red Mountain Expressway & Carraway blvd at 6th Ave. As a result of this, that section of off ramp will be closed beginning the 18th but will re-open ahead of scheduled closure of Bridges as a Detour.  On a good note, the 31st Street off ramp is open to exit  and travel 12th Ave to and from the complex. However if the patrons miss this exit during this time period, they will have to go to the 22nd Street off ramp or I-65 North/ South to exit to get back to the complex or downtown area.

  The Bridge System that goes from the Red Mountain Expressway to 59/20 North and Southbound will close also at same time. The contactor will be changing the configuration of the lanes to 59/20 North Bound in preparations of the closure. Drivers will be forced off to Carraway Blvd as the detour route. They will turn right onto 12th Ave North and re-enter the interstate on Ramp at 31stStreet. This Ramp system will re-open no later than Monday Morning at 5:00am to 59/20 Northbound only.

  As noted just for clarity.. The Ramp that goes to 59/20 Southbound will not re-open at all and will be considered a permanent closure.

  Demolition of the Bridge from Red Mountain Expressway will begin immediately following this particular closure.

Beginning  Next Monday 1/21/19 at 7:00pm  MAIN CBD BRIDGE CLOSURE


  The Main CBD Bridge Closure Will begin. All Traffic detours will become active and all access to 59/20 be closed off to all motorists. This means the following:

  23rd Street Onramp to 59/20 North Bound  CLOSED

  22nd Street Off Ramp from 59/20 South Bound CLOSED

  Richard Arrington On Ramp to 59/20 South Bound  CLOSED

  9th Ave between 22nd Street and 23rd Street  - CLOSED

  9th Ave between 22nd Street and Richard Arrington Jr Blvd.   CLOSED

  9th Ave between 18th  Street and 19th Street  - CLOSED

Inbound Traffic Information

  All 59/20 North Bound Traffic as well as I-65 Traffic in both Direction that is bound for BJCC Complex  and downtown area should exit at the 17th Street Exits on each interstate system accordingly or exits along I-65 for downtown.

  All 59/20 Southbound Traffic that is bound for BJCC Complex and downtown area will have to exit at either the 31st Street Exit or Carraway Blvd Exit for a period of time until the 25th Street Ramp opens.

Outbound Traffic Information

  All Traffic leaving the Downtown area and BJCC Complex that are traveling  I-65 in both Directions or 59/20 South bound should use the new 11th Avenue onramp.

  All Traffic leaving the Downtown area and BJCC Complex that are traveling  59/20 North Bound will have to use the 5th Ave on ramp to Red Mountain Expressway to get to 59/20 or Use 12th Avenue to access 59/20 at the 31st Street on ramp for a period of time until the 25th Street Ramp opens.

Beginning Friday 1/25/19 at 9:00pm

  The CBD Bridge section that is over Carraway Blvd will be demolished. This will cause Carraway Blvd to be closed between  12th  Ave  and the base of off Ramp from Red Mountain Expressway (All Traffic will have to turn left that are exiting Red Mountain Expressway to Carraway Blvd.)

  While this section of Road is part of the local detour route published by ALDOT, they will use Abraham Woods Blvd / 24th Street/ 12th Ave as  the marked detour route during this time period.

  Carraway Blvd in both directions will re-open no later than 5:00am on 1/28/19.

Sunday February 3rd, 2019 At Daylight

  Preparations for demolition of  the tallest columns will begin. This will be done by implosion. The anticipated time of actual implosion is between 7:00 am and 8:00am.

  There will be a safe zone/ perimeter established as early as 5:00AM. Basically the area between 24th Street and 28th Street  and between 12th Ave and Abraham Woods Blvd will be completely shut down  until after the implosion occurs.

  Immediately following the implosion all streets in this area will re-open except Carraway Blvd.

  Carraway Blvd  in both directions will re-open no later than 5:00am on February 4th.

Status of the new  25th Street on and off ramp

  While I do not have a hard date on when that ramp system will open, I anticipate it opening around Mid- February. There are elements of that ramp that could not be completed until some of the bridge demolition could be accomplished. A lot of the work is completed so it could be a little sooner than stated if the weather is good for the final grading process that needs to occur following the demolition in that area.

  Once this ramp opens, there will be some intermittent closures  over  the first several week period but those should occur only in the overnight hours primarily.

Demolition and Erection Streets within Interstate foot print.

  All streets between 15th Street and 25th Street will see independent temporary closures for both the demolition phase and erection phase of the project. The sections of these roads will be between 9th Ave North and Abraham Woods Blvd.

  They will always have at least one northbound  and Southbound  Lane that will be open between 25th Street and 19th  Street and  least one Northbound  and Southbound  Lane that will be open between 18th Street and 15th Street.

  For each one of these closures, the detour routes will be posted as well.

22nd Street and Richard Arrington Jr Blvd between 9th Ave and Abraham Woods Blvd.

   Following the closure of the beginning of the bridge closure, work will begin on making these roads Two-Way to help with flow around complex. As that develops and some specific information on timelines, I will update everyone.

 Some other things for people to keep in mind:

   This closure will disrupt travelers state wide and beyond. This section of road typically sees roughly 160,000 vehicles every day. So it will have an overall impact that will be felt well beyond Birmingham.

  There will a lot of traffic in the downtown area immediately following the closure. I would anticipate it will level off some after a few weeks. So please be patient and allow some additional travel time.

  During the demolition phase as well as the erection phase, there will be a lot of vehicles moving around  our immediate area that are solely related to this project. Your attention while walking/driving is very important to everyones safety. Please stay alert and pay attention to everything around you as well as what may be above you.

  All Detours Routes will be posted and will change as needed throughout project.

  ALDOT is working closely with Google Maps and Waze to try to have the most accurate available in real time for users of their Apps.

  ALDOT will be operating a 24 hour Hotline for anyone to call with questions about traffic   #205-346-5080